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Selkirk-rex is a young breed. These well-built cats have extraordinary exotic appearance. This breed appeared near 15 years ago because of spontaneous gene mutation. It happened in USA.

Nowadays we know two kinds of Selkirk-rex: shorthaired and longhaired. Now the number of these cats is small. But their popularity headily grows up every day.

It is so not only because of unusual appearance of Selkirk-rex, but also because of their easy and sociable temper. This cat never disregards the attention of its keeper and is ready to slacken and murmur on his knees for hours. But he will never be obtrusive, if its owner is busy.

Look-and-feels: kittens are being born with curly hair, but when they change their ‛child hair‛, they lose their curl. Curly hair appears again only at 8-10 months. The development of their hair ends at 2 years, that is why young animals are appraise by their frame and shape of their head.


Body: Medium to large sized cat, muscular and cobby . Chest and shoulders broad and massive. Neck short and strong. Legs medium in length, muscular; paws thick and round. Tail medium in length, thick with a rounded tip.

Head: Rounded, massive, broad skull with firm chin. Nose short, broad and straight; curved profile. Cheeks full and chubby.

Ears: Medium in size, broad at the base, slightly rounded at the tips and set wide apart.

Eyes: Large and round, set wide apart. Colour conforming to coat colour.

Coat: Short, plush, double, dense undercoat; pronounced waves.

Colour Varieties: Any colour and point colour is accepted, the descriptions of colours are listed in the General Colour Guide.

Contact info:
Phone +7 (846) 952-74-47, mob. +7 927-267-09-62

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